Top 10 Blogger Looks…November 10th

TUULAI’m in love with this pleated black skirt worn by Tuula. And the off the shoulder top only adds to the adorableness of the entire look.


JAGLEVERI adore each and every piece of this look, so when they all come together to form one outfit I am overcome with awe. Oh yeah and a little bit of jealousy because I want to steal each and every piece of this outfit right off Jaglever.


5INCHProps to anyone who can pull of a pantsuit as amazingly as 5 inch and up. Props.


ATLANTICWhat a cute idea to tie a denim jacket around an elegant skirt. Well done Atlantic-Pacific, well done.


EATSLEEPWEARI personally find orange to be one of the hardest colors to pull of without coming out looking like a giant pumpkin from Halloween. Eat Sleep Wear looks great, pairing this dress with one of my favorite bags of the moment (Celine) and some great Isabel Marant sneakers. Oh and a perfect top bun to boot.


KANIThis is such an interesting outfit that it took me a few moments to understand what all it entails! The different pieces, with all their different cuts, colors, and fabrics blend seamlessly together. K is for Kani pulls this one off and gets an A+ from me.


LISAHaven’t you heard the 80s are back. Lisa Olsson is rocking some serious shoulder pads and I am surprisingly loving it. They give off a chic and powerful look rather than the oh so common dated and footballer effect most do.


WENDYTo achieve this look you will need: 1 lace tablecloth, 1 peacock (preferably burgundy), and 1 very good friend who happens to work at Christian Louboutin who can sneak you out a pair. After some cutting, gluing, and stitching, voila! You will have the above outfit  worn by Wendy’s Lookbook.


PINKPEONIESI can’t pinpoint what specifically I love about this outfit, but the way all the pieces come together is really fantastic. Yellow dress, peek-a-boo burgundy socks tucked into grey booties. Pink Peonies looks effortlessly put together.


NATALIEI love the shade of pink of the jacket, and if you haven’t noticed pink coats are all the rage this season. Natalie of Duty, as the title of her post says, looks like a giant pink birthday cake, and who doesn’t like cake.

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